Friday, October 15, 2010

blog party!

ha ha? get it?

I've learned so much lately. Back in the day, I spent an hour trying to figure out a way to take my google reader shared page and display it in my blog's sidebar, learning about inline frames and other html trickery, and trying to separate content from everthing else. Finally, I found that little link in the google reader that puts a clip straight into blogger with the click of a button.

I've recently also set up a mirror of my blog on Wordpress, which is, to my current knowledge, far more powerful and flexible than Blogger (this one here!). I'll update both and keep them linked to each other for now, til I decide what to do, but if you follow this blog, consider switching over to Wordpress, I would choose it over Blogger if I had to decide.

My blog on Wordpress and Blogger
Also check out my fancy new "About" page.

Life is different these days. In some ways, I do much more-- in the sense that I do more significant things. In other news, I've found myself with (varying periods of) extra time to think, write, and blog --I've been uncharacteristically prolific these past few weeks. After being introduced to google reader in August, I've filled it up with subscriptions, skimming dozens of articles, posts and blogs for read-and-share-worthiness each day. I feel like it's selling another bit of my soul to google, but it's such a useful tool.

So, with all this extra flux of information and free time (assuming it lasts, as work gets busier), I now usher in an era of hyper-increased blogging. Now complete with a google reader sidebar.

The last part of this is, as I get more comfortable with writing this and more comfortable with the idea that there's a lot of stuff that I want to tell y'all about, I'm promoting this blog more aggressively now (for example, actually telling my friends I have one). It's a little unnerving, but (I firmly believe that) doing (at least one) things that scare me or make me uncomfortable (every day) is good for me, and keeps me on my toes.

So, if you think this is good stuff, tell your friends to read! and maybe comment! or write back to me! and tell their friends!

Stay tuned gentle reader!

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