Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You talkin' to me?

I thought I might never get one of these

But then I did (I need it for work). So the very next thing I did was

rent a friend's taxi, and do some heavy moving of treadle pumps, solar panels, and PVC. It was a day full of adventure. First, the police pulled me over and told me it was "not proper" to carry 20ft PVC pipes on my roof. They let me off without too much fuss, and I didn't even have to bribe them. It must have been my charms.

Next, the transmission shaft fell out because of a loose bearing (apparently it "does this all the time"), and we had to bring a mechanic by motorcycle to fix it.

Everyone we met or encountered was amused and entertained-- like they'd never seen a white taxi driver before!


Then, on my way home, completely exhausted after a long day, I started to hear a rhythmic thumping and a strange vibration all through the car. It started to get really intense and I thought the whole car was about to come apart.

What was happening, was that one of the tyres was disintegrating and slapping itself against the wheel well, and bumping down the road because as it lost more rubber, it ceased to become round. As you can see, there's just about nothing left, you can see the steel belting and there's almost too little rubber left for it to hold together.

I changed the wheel with the help of some taxi drivers (thank god there was a spare). (the wheel bolts were almost completely stripped and I worried that we'd be able to fix the new wheel securely)

To top it off, the weather was miserable. Rainy and cold in the morning to hot and humid in the afternoon.


Well, if IDE lays me off, I know what I can do to make some dough.

starz n barz

Northern Ghana was the last place I expected to find a minibus flying the confederate flag.

I wasn't sure whether to be amused, or frightened for my life.